Georgia Pacific Holdings Corp.

Georgia Pacific Holdings Corp. is a boutique real estate development firm, headquartered in Vancouver, BC. As a family-owned and -operated company, we treat every home we develop as our own and believe in investing our personal attention in every building, home, and detail we develop. Each and every component that is incorporated into our buildings has been diligently imagined, reviewed, and refined by our team. We believe that even the smallest detail inside a home has the power to affect our experience of space — to embolden a goal, soothe a frantic heart, or magnify joy. Based on this respect of space, we spare no effort in forming spaces that are perfect for your needs. Drawing from our combined backgrounds in architecture, interior design, finance, textiles, and manufacturing, our team weaves together the sumptuous strings of elegance and luxury to create space that envelope you in comfort and confidence. We are committed to creating homes we are proud of, homes that will be the steppingstones to the rest of your life. At Georgia Pacific Holdings, building homes is not our business, it is our passion.

ROCH & Weeks

Utilizing a combined 50+ years of real estate experience to help simplify the buying and selling process. Providing market insight, state-of-the-art technology and hands-on service ensure that his clients reach their goals. They have a dedicated team of agents and client care coordinators with a concierge team approach that offers the best real estate experience available in Greater Vancouver. Patrick Weeks has a reputation of the highest level of professionalism in the industry and this has helped him stay at the top 1% of all Greater Vancouver Realtors since 2011. His motivation comes from a desire to make sure his clients feel they are getting the very best knowledge, advice and expertise to help them make wise real estate choices.

NatPark Creative

Founded in 2016, NatPark Creative specializes in developing and executing strategic and memorable brands for development projects. Combining our local real estate and development marketing experience with our over 20 years of corporate branding, marketing and communications, both locally and internationally, enables us to bring an insightful perspective to projects. We are driven by the understanding that a brand is so much more than just a logo.